Terms & Conditions

Furnishings in unit: All of the homes and condominiums are individually owned and furnished for vacation living. Neither Breeze Vacation Rentals nor the owner shall be responsible for providing and additional furnishings or equipment no presently available. Breeze Vacation Rentals’ vacation homes are very well maintained and clean, but understand that these are complicated homes and, just like your own, experience a wide variety of unexpected breakdowns. The essence of the vacation is the beach and your attitude. Every effort will be made to remedy any difficult situations and correct any problems you may experience in as timely a manner as possible. You can expect a courteous and professional attitude towards problem solving. However, recompense will not be issued due to malfunctioning equipment or other guest dissatisfactions.

Cancellation policy: Now through April 2021 we will offer a full refund if cancelled 7 days prior to arrival less reservation and cancellation fees!! Payment of your total rental amount is due 60 days prior to your arrival. Should you cancel after you have paid in full, we will retain an amount equal to 50% of the total prepayment as liquidated damages if your reservation is not rebooked. If you cancel within 72 hours of arrival, the full payment will be retained, unless we can rebook the full term and rate of your reservation. There is a $100 cancellation fee and the reservation fee is nonrefundable. Trip cancellation insurance is available for your protection should you have to cancel due to circumstances covered by the insurance.

Damage: Guest agrees to indemnify owner for any damages to the unit furnishings, equipment, and household items, which occur during the guest’s period of occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. Guest understands that any damages which are discovered after departure or which occur during the guest’s occupancy should be reported at the earliest possible time to the rental manager, Rita Oben. Also note that upon arrival if there is anything out of place, broken or damaged you must notify the rental agent as soon as possible.

Swimming pools: Breeze Vacation Rentals cannot guarantee that pools will be heated. That is under the control of the owner or the condominium association.

Condominium Association Rules: If you are staying in a condominium, your unit is confirmed with the understanding that you will adhere to the rules and regulations set by each individual condo association. If required, you must register at the condo manager’s office or in the lobby upon arrival.

Pets: We do offer some homes that allow pets for a fee of $150. No pets are allowed in any condominium.

Storage: One or more locked closets may be in the home that you are renting. These closets are reserved for storage of the owner’s property and are not part of the rental.

Violation of rules: The guests understand that if he/she or any member of his/her party violates any of the conditions or agreements in this document, Breeze Vacation Rentals may terminate the agreement and enter the premises by force or by statutory proceedings and evict the entire party.

Loss or damage: Breeze Vacation Rentals will not be responsible for acts of theft or vandalism or other damage to the guest’s personal property. 

Miscellaneous charges: A minimum charge of $25 will be held for each key not returned to Breeze Vacation Rentals upon your departure. Access cards that are not returned will be charged at the going rate. There will be a charge of one extra day for anyone checking out after 10 am, unless later checks out times have been approved by us. Check in time is 4pm. If you lose you keys or get locked out, there will be a $50 charge for key delivery after normal working hours (5 pm) or on weekends.

Substitutions: Breeze Vacation Rentals reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations should your confirmed unit become unavailable due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Parking: Parking areas in the individual sites are for autos only; motor homes, travel or boat trailer, etc. are not permitted.

Student groups: No groups under the age of 25 are permitted in any of our rental properties unless they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 30 who is physically staying in the unit with the students. Any reservations made under false pretenses will be subject to forfeiture of all monies paid and students will be evicted.

Maximum occupancy: The unit premises can be occupied by no more than the maximum number of persons indicated on your confirmation. This occupancy limited cannot be exceeded without the consent of Breeze Vacation Rentals, as agent. For purposes of this agreement, occupancy is defined as any overnight visitors in the unit. Guest agrees that occupancy more than the maximum occupancy limit specified may be treated as trespassers and can be removed from the unit. In the event the maximum occupancy limit is exceeded, guest agrees to let owner, owner’s agent, or the condominium association remove the extra people from the unit and we will retain all deposits and rents. Tenant agrees that in the event there are unauthorized guests in the condo, tenant will pay an additional $100 per guest per day to be charge to the tenant’s credit number on file. Tenants Initials ________

Arrival and Departure: Check in time is 4 pm or sooner with prior approval, check out time is 10 am sharp.

Cleaning: During your stay, you are required to maintain the cleanliness of the unit, keeping up the laundry and emptying the trash. When you leave (checkout 10am), please return the keys to the lockbox, have unit to a presentable condition by stripping the beds, starting the washing machine, taking out the garbage and start the dishwasher. Our cleaning crew will complete the job of preparing the unit for its next occupants. They work on a very tight schedule on Saturdays. Please remember that there will be extra charges to you for any excess laundry or cleaning. Household supplies are not included beyond what is in the unit. When you leave, remove all trash from the unit, set the air conditioner at 82, close all windows, lock all doors, and return the keys to the lock box. All properties are smoke free! There is a minimum $200 fee for smoking inside the unit.

Gas Grills: Please clean the grill after every use, there will be a $50 minimum charge for a dirty grill.

Garbage Disposals: Please do not put in the disposal; peelings from vegetables or fruits, egg shells, shrimp shells or leftovers of any kind. It is for rinsing dishes prior to cleaning them. Your security deposit will be charged if a maintenance person is required to unclog the disposal unless it is a mechanical malfunction. 

Smoking: There is no smoking inside any of the properties, smoking may be allowed in the designated outside areas. There is a minimum $200 charge for smoking inside the properties. 

Security and Safety: For your security and safety some properties have installed exterior cameras, if you experience any unusual activity, please contact your rental agent immediately. 

Breeze Vacation Rentals acts as the agent for the owner and is being paid by the owner. All rental rates charges are considered earned on the arrival date and refunds or adjustments cannot be made for late arrival or early departure. 

Sec. 34-2393. – Code of conduct for short-term rentals. Fort Myers Beach (a) The town hereby establishes a code of conduct that applies to operators and guests of all short term rental units, including those on the registry of pre-existing weekly rentals and also those rentals between one week and one month that are permitted by right in accordance with Table 34-2. The code of conduct is as follows: (1) Maximum occupancy: Occupancy of each short-term rental unit must be consistent with the definition of “family” that is found in § 34-2 of this code, which defines a family as one or more persons occupying a dwelling unit and living as a single, nonprofit housekeeping unit, provided that a group of five or more adults who are not related by blood, marriage, or adoption shall not be deemed to constitute a family. (2) Refuse collection: Refuse containers shall not be moved to the street more than 24 hours prior to scheduled curbside collections nor remain there more than 24 hours after scheduled collections, as required by § 6-11 of the Fort Myers Beach land development code. In addition, if a property owner or property manager is unable to comply with this requirement around the weekly pick-up day, arrangements for additional refuse collection must be secured by the operator. (3) Quiet hours: Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., all guests shall observe quiet hours. This means all outdoor activity, including swimming, shall be kept to a reasonable noise level that is non-intrusive and respectful of neighbors. Town of Fort Myers Beach Ordinance No. 96- 24 sets limits on noise levels during quiet hours and these levels must be obeyed by all guests. (4) Mandatory evacuations: All guests staying in short-term rental units must comply with mandatory evacuations due to hurricanes and tropical storms, as required by state and local laws. (b) Operators are required to provide guests with the town’s code of conduct for short-term rentals. (1) The town shall provide operators with a printed version of the code of conduct and a standardized agreement for compliance. (2) The operator shall provide guests of short-term rental units with the code of conduct and obtain the signature of guests on the agreement indicating that they are aware of and intend to comply with the code of conduct. (3) The code of conduct shall also be posted at the primary entrance/exit to each short-term rental unit. (c) Operators must provide the town with a current local telephone number of a contact for each short term rental unit. This telephone number must be answered 24 hours a day to respond to complaints. These telephone numbers are public records and will be available at town hall during regular business hours 

The unit you are renting may be for sale. You must agree to showings during your occupancy. You will be given reasonable notice from the agent. We will do our best to reduce any impact on your vacation.